Special Representative of the Chair


Appointment : UNCR/24/100424

Employment Type : Honorary

Date : 10/04/2024

MOU No : IIS/20240410

Position: Special Representative of the Chair

Position: Special Representative of the Chair

Committee: United Nations Conflict Resolution Committee (UN CRC)

Chairperson: Dr. Amina Khouri

Appointment Reference: UNCR/24/100424

Employment Type: Honorary

Date of Appointment: 10/04/2024

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Number: IIS/20240410


Representation and Advocacy:

Represent the Chairperson, Dr. Amina Khouri, in various official capacities related to conflict resolution initiatives, meetings, and conferences.

Advocate for the UN CRC's mission and objectives in promoting peace, stability, and conflict resolution at national and international levels.

Strategic Planning and Coordination:

Assist the Chairperson in developing and implementing strategic plans and initiatives to address global conflicts and promote peacebuilding efforts.

Coordinate with relevant stakeholders, including UN agencies, member states, and non-governmental organizations, to enhance collaboration and synergy in conflict resolution activities.

Policy Development and Implementation:

Contribute to the formulation and implementation of policies, guidelines, and frameworks for effective conflict prevention, mediation, and resolution.

Provide expert advice and recommendations to the Chairperson and the Committee on emerging issues, trends, and best practices in conflict resolution.

Capacity Building and Training:

Facilitate capacity-building initiatives, workshops, and training programs to strengthen the skills and competencies of stakeholders involved in conflict resolution and peacebuilding activities.

Develop and disseminate educational materials, publications, and resources to raise awareness and understanding of conflict resolution principles and practices.

Monitoring and Reporting:

Monitor and evaluate the progress and impact of the UN CRC's initiatives and interventions in conflict-affected regions.

Prepare and submit periodic reports, updates, and assessments to the Chairperson and relevant stakeholders on the Committee's activities, outcomes, and challenges.

Networking and Partnership Development:

Establish and maintain effective partnerships and networks with key stakeholders, including governments, international organizations, civil society, and academia, to promote collaborative efforts in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

Represent the UN CRC in external engagements, meetings, and events to strengthen its visibility, credibility, and influence in the field of conflict resolution.

Qualifications and Skills:

Advanced degree in International Relations, Political Science, Law, or a related field.

Extensive experience in conflict resolution, diplomacy, and international affairs.

Strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Ability to work effectively in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.

Proficiency in English; knowledge of other UN languages is an asset.


The Special Representative of the Chair will report directly to the Chairperson, Dr. Amina Khouri, and will collaborate closely with the members of the United Nations Conflict Resolution Committee.